Who Are We?

My Quiet Cave started in 2011 because there was a gap between the church and the community of mental health. It seemed like the two were in separate parts of the world. The church was not a safe place for people with a mental health issue, and traditional mental health resources sometimes push people away from the church.

After experiencing judgment for having mental health issues from the church we decided to try and create spaces for faith and mental health together. We wanted to make the church a safe place for people with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other mental illness. We also wanted to make the church into an asset in the fight for mental health so it would be seen as a tool in long term recovery instead as a roadblock.

We didn’t know how to begin bridging the gap, so we started with our stories. We had experience with mental illness and getting stabilized. We knew how to do self care, how important therapists and psychiatrists were, and what an incredible difference it made knowing that God made us valuable. So we started there.

We started programs that failed for one reason or another, always learning what was working and what wasn’t so we could make everything we did better. Along the way, we found some incredible insights. We found that every person with mental illness we interviewed believed 3 things:

They could never get back to the person they used to be.

God was disappointed in them.

God didn’t care about them or hated them because of the pain they were going though.

What we also found is that all of these were half true, and half untrue.

Every person would never be the person they were before because mental health is such a hard and often painful road that it makes us into someone we couldn’t be before. We learn about ourselves and gain more empathy than we could often imagine.

We may believe that God is disappointed in us because we are so used to trying to earn God’s love. It feels real that God should be disappointed that we can’t perform like we used to. But that isn’t actually who God is. He loves us because He made us worthy of being loved. Being loved and worthy is part of our very DNA.

Finally, it may feel like you have been abandoned because God feels so far away and the pain is consuming. But God is a God who weeps with us in our pain and struggles.

Now we have met many incredible people, and the programs at My Quiet Cave were born to help the church be an asset to mental health, help individuals and their families undo their false beliefs about about themselves and God, and help them see people and believe in themselves and God how God sees them.